About Standard FE

Standard FE is a supplier of standard fittings and mold bases for the injection mold and die sets industry.

Our main objective is to help you to better satisfy your customer with the use of the highest quality products but at costs that will surely please you.

We supply and sell standardized parts and mold bases of “ProPlastica®”.
The ProPlastica Firm in Poland is a subsidiary company of the American corporation “Superior Die Set Corporation Company” (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) founded in 1923.

This corporation is the leader in manufacturing of bodies to the dies and components for the molds as well as standardized parts for the molds and dies.
ProPlastica is the largest producer of this type of production in Poland.
More than 40% of its production, ProPlastica exports to the United States, Germany, Finland Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Latvia and Ukraine and Portugal.

All production satisfies ISO 9001 certification and the products are 100% compatible with those of other reputable brands.


Standard FE's mission is to present itself to customers as a global supplier of all kinds of solutions for the manufacture of molds with an excellent price / quality ratio.


To be global and a reference in the businesses in which act.


Transparency based on accountability and trust with SUPPLIERS
Without them we can not have clients.

Excellence with simplicity for CUSTOMER satisfaction
It is the reason the company exists.

Recognition and respect for EMPLOYEES
They are the great differential that makes everything possible.

The only way to grow in a more just society.

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